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Heppy - Healthcare: Parents Pathways and functional profile (ref no : 517927-LLP-2011-IT-LEONARDO-LMP)
Project portal: http://heppyportal.projectize.eu/

Project website: http://heppy.projectize.eu

Coordinator: Presidio Sanitario Gradenigo from Italy
Period: 1 November 2011- 30 October 2013

Project context:

The humanities and arts provide insight into the human condition, suffering, personhood, our responsibility to each other, and offer a historical perspective on medical practice. Attention to literature and the arts helps to develop and nurture skills of observation, analysis, empathy, and self-reflection -- skills that are essential for humane medical care. The social sciences help us to understand how bioscience and medicine take place within cultural and social contexts and how culture interacts with the individual experience of illness and the way medicine is practiced.

In this context two approaches gain importance:
- Narrative medicine, in which the patient assume and plays an important role by providing information about himself that the professional carer can use to improve the service provided.
- "Methodology of parents'pedagogy" that recognise to the parents a crucial role to guide the carers and the doctors in acknowledging the personal story of the patient.

The project intends provide professionals Health carers that are committed to give assistance to patients with chronic pathologies, the skills to apply the 2 above mentioned approaches so to understand the complexity of the personal story of their patient.

Specific objectives:

- Develop and share, at European level, a better knowledge in a comparative perspective of the transnational state of art in the application of the concepts and methodologies of Narrative medicine, Methodology of parents'pedagogy and their role in the concrete application of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) in the specific working environment.
- Collection of the narrative case studies making to Narrative medicine and Methodology of parents' pedagogy in according to ICF in the database of the project
- Define and propose a common European profile of competences and skills for the professionals health carers as far of the Home assistance of patients with chronic diseases, concerning the humanising and the improving the relationship with the patient through an holistic comprehension of the personal characteristics of the patient, the parents then the relatives.
- Develop a multidisciplinary e-learning based training package aimed at teaching the application of Narrative Medicine and Methodology of parents'pedagogy to the different professionals working in all the fields that affect and are affected in the organisation of holistic health care services: Territorial Social Services, Professional and Hospital based medical assistance, Home care assistance, Economic sustain and job counselling, Training of professionals at university level and Training of professionals care givers at post University/Vocational Training level

Target Groups

- Professionals health carers: At least 180 Professionals health carers will directly benefit from the project results.
- In each of the 6 countries at least 30 trainers will be involved for testing the training package and participating to the Virtual Community.
- Patients and their families: At least 50 patients, together with their families will benefit directly from the project results. Project activities
- Carrying out a research in order to achieve a better understanding on the organisation of the services of continuous assistance (Hospitalisation, home care and social services) delivered to patients with disabilities and/or chronic diseases
- The creation of the training package Health Care, Parents Capabilities & Competences and Narrative Based Medicine (NBM) in the Context of International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)
- The course is aimed at providing health carers committed to providing home assistance, with the skills to effectively get in contact with the families and get to know well the personal story, character and needs of their patients.
- The testing of materials produced earlier on and the sharing of information about the most effective approaches and practices in the field of the organisation and delivery of Home care assistance.
- The development of a website and a portal. The Portal will be the main Output of the project and will collect and make available all the contents developed within the project's activities.

Partners Involved

1) Presidio Sanitario Gradenigo (IT)
2) CECE - Confederación Española de Centros de Española (ES)
3) CIPES - Confederazione Italiana per la Promozione della Salute e l'Educazione Sanitaria (IT)
4) Pixel (IT)
5) Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union (LT)
6) Academy of Humanities and economics in Lodz (PL)
7) CECMA - Economic Centre for Business Consultancy and Management (RO)
8) TRANSFER Slovensko, s.r.o. (SK)
9) Projectize ltd (UK)

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